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Massage treatments at Pure hair & Beauty Enfield Multi-Award Winning Hair salon

Fiora is a holistic therapist with 14 years of experience and a member of Complementary Therapies Association (CThA). She is certified and insured for all the therapies she does. Please check below for a detailed list of treatments and prices.


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Swedish massage is a relaxing, stimulating and refreshing treatment. The areas massaged in a full body 60-min treatment are neck, back, shoulders, arms, hands, legs and face. Alternatively, you can have a short 35-min treatment for back, neck and shoulders. 

30 mins   £35

60 min     £60




Pregnancy massage has been found to relieve back, muscle and joint pain, sciatica, leg cramps, headaches and reduce swelling and stress. It is a popular alternative for pain relief, as medications are often limited. If you have had a massage before, then you know how great it feels. However, pregnancy massage is a little bit different. For example, the best position during massage is on your side with pillows for support, which provides the most stability for the baby and is also most comfortable for you. It’s always advisable to check with your doctor or midwife before having a massage. 

60 min £60




Deep Tissue Massage is designed to release tight layers of muscle and tissue, which usually develop from bad posture, injury or overuse. Restoring movement in the soft tissues alleviates pain, muscle spasm and stress from the problematic area. During the treatment, the therapist uses their hands, knuckles, forearms and elbows, to apply firm pressure and effectively release areas of tension on the deeper layers of the muscles.

30 mins     £35

60 mins     £65

90 min       £90

2 hours     £110




In hot stone massage, warm basalt stones are used during the treatment to relax your muscles. This direct heat creates a deeper and more intense relaxation for your muscles, therefore the massage itself is more effective and intense than a hands-on-massage. The size of the stones varies according to which part of the body your therapist is treating. A lovely and relaxing treatment to receive especially for the winter time.

60 mins   £75




Indian head massage is an ancient massage for the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck and head. It is a relaxing and soothing treatment that is performed over the clothes and without the use of oil whilst you sit comfortably on a chair.

30 mins   £35

60 mins   £60




Ayurvedic massage is part of an ancient Indian holistic healing system called Ayurveda. It is a relaxing and restorative treatment.  With the use of warm oil and specific pressure points, it releases blockages and rebalances you physically and emotionally. 

30 mins   £40

60 mins   £70




Reflexology is a natural therapy that existed since ancient times. There are reflex points on the hands and feet that correspond to the organs and systems of the whole body. By thoroughly massaging them the whole body is affected and health is restored.

Reflexology is beneficial and can help with various health issues such as insomnia, menstrual pains, headaches, low immune system, stress, anxiety, colds, sinusitis, neck and/or back pains, hormonal imbalances, infertility, indigestion.

30 mins   £35

60 mins   £60




Reiki is a gentle yet powerful ancient energy healing method. It can release stress while leaving the client with a feeling of inner calm and joy. During a session, the practitioner works on the client’s energy field and energy centres in order to restore balance and harmony. 

30 min  £35

60 min  £60


*** Please note, if you have a health condition, injury or taking prescribed medication, you need to call us and advise us because there are certain circumstances where massage is not allowed. Moreover, if you are pregnant in your first trimester, massage is contraindicated and we can't treat you until your second trimester starts***

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