Microblading is a form of tattooing where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine; it is a form of tattoo artistry, an embroidery of small precise strokes where every hairstroke is individually placed onto the skin to form the brow shape in a natural but striking way. It is an extremely meticulous process where every individual hair is drawn onto the skin one by one.

These individual strokes mimic the natural hairs that are already present in the brow, they are implanted in the same direction and length of the existing hairs to create that natural fuller brow with a custom shape that the client has asked for.

The process consists of a patch test where a small amount of pigment is placed behind the ear, this is to test for any allergic reaction the client may have, once this is complete and all is well the custom eyebrow construction begins.

A consultation is completed with the client where the treatment is discussed and any concerns or questions they may have, we then discuss the brow shape that is desired.

We measure the client’s brows and relevant distances, photos are taken and the brow template is then applied using an eyebrow pencil, if the client is happy with the shape then we proceed with the treatment, if not then we can adjust the brow until the desired shape is achieved.

We then start the Microblading process and after it is completed the client is left with their own custom designed eyebrows that look very natural close up as well as from a distance.

Striking, glamorous natural looking brows that boost confidence and enhance the beauty of the client.


Price of microblading is £250 and £40 for the top up after one month.

Please Note That All Prices Are Just A Guide & A Correct Price Will Be Given On Your Free Consultation